A rough grouping of freelance mercenaries trading off of the reputation of a local legend named Lorrigan, the Locators are largely comprised of adventurers and other dangerous sorts who landed at his boarding house in Low Side.  

 Ever since Lorrigan retired a few years ago at the insistence of his wife, he's had problems: other people's.  People kept coming to Lorrigan with their problems, partly because he's famous, partly because he's a bartender, but always because they needed some sort of adventuring work done.  He turned away people with stolen artifacts, treasure maps, kidnapped relatives, and sob stories of all stripes.  

Until one day a young paladin of Pelor who was staying at his inn on the way to the south overheard a young woman pleading for help against a gang that was overrunning her neighborhood volunteered to help.  

The paladin got himself on the Quicker, but he gave Lorrigan an idea.

The next week, Lorrigan had started offering free dinners and a round of ale (per night) to any swordsman, mage, or other adventurer that paid for a week's stay.  And he'd started offering to help people with their problems, not personally, but by getting "associates" (the same mercenaries lured by the free food and ale) to do the jobs.

The clients got helped, the adventurers got work, and Lorrigan got a lot of business (and a small finder's fee).  He named the operation Lorrigan's Locators.  Before long, they were just called the Locators.  


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