The Crossing

It is a massive bridge over a rift in the earth thousands of feet deep, thousands of leagues long, and more than a mile wide.  It is the only structure of its kind; a tremendous edifice built by a fallen draconic empire centuries ago. It is also the only stable bridge over the massive chasm, called the Schism.  

As a focal point of both conquest and commerce, an entire city was built to both defend and exploit it. The city of Kerras sits on either side of the titanic bridge, bearing the marks the dozen empires and warlords that have held it since the span was put in place.  Wars have been sparked over, decided by, and fought on The Crossing.  

It is a very nice bridge.

The Crossing’s dragon architects were their own favorite subjects, and the bridge wastes no time looking like anything else. A incredibly massive dragon appears to climb up (or perhaps hold down) either side of the Schism, an elegant Gold dragon on High Side, and a terrifying Red on Low Side. Their half mile-wide heads rest at ground level, forming tremendous gatehouses that tower hundreds of feet in the air.

The bridge itself is enfolded by the wings of the dragons (hence its old Draconic name "Kal Trrek Kerras: the Great Stone Wingspan). Their enormous dactyls support the spans of the massive aqueduct above and the disused slave bridges below, as well as the huge stone road of the Crossing proper. Even in the dead of night, there are people moving from one side to the other, and more than a few have taken the Quicker before passing out of the other dragon’s mouth.

The Crossing

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