Welcome to Kerras  

Due to real life circumstances it’s safe to say that, while some elements might get reused, Sundered City is wrapped.

"If you're here, you're looking for something.  We can help with that."

People come to the city of Kerras for all sorts of things: hocking wares, buying goods, getting from one place to another, trying to start a new life, or escape an old one.  Sometimes it's as simple as a place to sell a cartload of apples, or to gawk at The Crossing.  Sometimes, it's more complicated.  

That's where the Locators come in. 

Sundered City is a 4e D&D campaign set in an original world centered around the city-state of Kerras, itself built around the ancient bridge known as the Crossing. Our tone is light, our adventures violent, and our party subscribes to the old wisdom of stripping everything of any worth at all from their fallen foes.

This has lead to the implementation of a potion/alchemy/poison brewing system as the various substances they find take on character and fiddle with stats.

As of Session 5 (Orcs Gone Worse, part 1: Spider-horse, Spider-horse) we’re playtesting the SUDDENLY! Drama cards, a delightful game enhancer from Druidwrestling Games.

We play on irregular Sundays when schedules line up


   Keldeth by Lakeladysinferno — Drow chaos sorcerer. She’s probably the nicest dark elf you’ll ever meet, meaning people who cross her wind up crazy, dead, or melted; but in a nice way.

   Baanor by Tyler J. — Goliath greatweapon fighter. He’s seven and a half feet of muscle, covered in plate mail and swinging a hammer with a head the size of a gnome.

   Melima by Amanda K. — Elf trickster rogue. The last thing they ever hear is the arrow sinking into their torso, followed closely by a sincere, wincing “sorry!” in Elven.

   Ulthram Vol Modeas by Profligate — Dwarf artificer. Thick accent, thicker mustache; he’s a good dwarf to have on your side in a clutch and knows his way around a crime…scene.

   Romulus Lux by Duane K. — Human cleric. He’s cleric of Pelor with a hell of a past and some pretty secular interests.

House Rules

SUDDENLY! Drama Cards



  • Potion Making
  • Alchemical Materials
  • Alchemical Weapons