Sundered City

Orcs Gone Worse

Spider-horse, Spider-horse

Katherine S. as Keldeth
Tyler J. as Baanor
Amanda K. as Melima

The Scavenger’s Banquet was struggling. After a fairly successful opening, their supply of drakemeat and obscure herbs started to run low, and the flow of customers seemed to diminish with them. After closing up shop, the Silent Partners went to talk about alternate strategies and possibly get sobbing drunk at Lorrigan’s.

A orc named Gerduk of Clan Arrowknee came into Lorrigan’s looking for some people to get his Greatfather’s axe back.

Lorrigan called Keldeth, Baanor, and Melima over. There was talk of some sort of corruption/possession, so they decided to get an exorcist.

The closest they could find on short notice was Brother Calred, so the persuaded him to roll out with them into the darkness.

Before they left, they wanted to grab some rides. So they hunted down a dealer in exotic, quasilegal mounts, a Shifter named Krusk. Fortuitously, Baanor had met Krusk back when he was herding giant yaks and aurochs in the mountains, so he cut him a deal: he’d lend them some hippogriffs if they kept an eye out for other exotics he could run down later.

When they went back the next morning Keldeth conned his elf assistant into parting with a rare and terrifying Arachnomare. At least until they were already on their way down the road, when she realized she’d been had by the Drow.

They rode for a few days, gathering odd herbs and spotting a few terrifying things Krusk might be able to use, then fought some especially gray-skinned orcs.



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