Church of Pelor

The Church of Pelor is one of the most reliably, devoutly, sometimes annoyingly stalwart forces for good in the land. They minister to the poor, sick, and injured of all races, and draw clergy from the same. Their Sun God places an emphasis on mercy, strength, kindness, and healing. Unless you’re undead or an Evil Outsider; then you’re off the guest list and fair game for his well-armed, often battle-hardened clerics.

Church officials have been known to be corrupt, detached, or fanatical, but the organization maintains a fairly high standard by following the simple rule of “don’t be evil or selfish and don’t do what evil or selfish people would.”

Alignment: Neutral Good

First encountered in the person of Romulus Lux, in Session 1: A Small Yappy Problem

Church of Pelor

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