Every PC is entitled to be able to do something with their downtime. In Sunder City, this takes the form of crafting.

Each PC can pick a crafting skill, and then gather ingredients of a mystical nature to make impressive crafts, items, or consumables.

Crafting basically depends two things: Skills and ingredients.

Dungeoneers are better at spotting valuable ores, naturalists are better at picking out useful healing herbs, and arcanists can tell you which part of the dragon is the most worth keeping. Depending on your skill, you’ll get a bonus to the gathering and crafting rolls you make. Usually, this is a +2 or +3 bonus.

Aaaah, here’s where it gets fun. The lands around the Schism are thick with strange and wondrous materials, from Light Silver to Pink Wheat.

To make something cool you find materials with traits that add toward the effect you into make.

So, pick an effect and an item.

Say, a potion that makes you blurry around the edges or a blade that seeks the hearts of fiends.

Now, you can just buy generic ingredients and put together a generic item which approximates those effects. That’s what the item rules as written do. But, if you want to make something unique…

To make your blurring potion: perhaps gather some Vagueweed, an underwater plant that always looks hazy. Hunt down a displacer beast and pluck it’s illusion-rich coat. Or find some mistmoss, when it appears in the morning dew in places strong with fae energy.

Every ingredient you can add that has a trait linked to the purpose of the item gives a bonus (proportional to the power/rarity of the ingredient) to the roll to create it.

Additionally, you can make each item unique by adding extra ingredients above and beyond the standard. Additive properties let you make healing potions that also grant bonus necrotic damage, poisons that add vulnerabilities, or longswords that make the wielder more resistant to fear. But using the additive properties of an ingredient makes the whole recipe harder to execute, so every Additive adds to the difficulty, and you can only add so many (max 2 per tier, let’s say).


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