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The Sundered City

“If you’re here, you’re looking for something.  We can help with that.”

People come to the city of Kerras for all sorts of things: hocking wares, buying goods, getting from one place to another, trying to start a new life, or escape an old one.  Sometimes its as simple as place to sell a cartload of apples, or to gawk at The Crossing.  Sometimes it’s more complicated.  

That’s where the Locators come in. 



   Baanor— Seven and a half feet of muscle, covered in plate mail and swinging a hammer with a head the size of a gnome.

   Keldeth — Probably the nicest dark elf you’ll ever meet, meaning people who cross her wind up crazy, dead, or melted; but in a nice way.

   Melima — The last thing they ever hear is the arrow sinking into their torso, followed closely by a sincere, wincing “sorry!” in Elven.

   Ulthram Vol Modeas — Thick accent, thicker mustache; he’s a good dwarf to have on your side in a clutch and knows his way around a crime…scene.

   Romulus Lux — Cleric of Pelor with some pretty secular interests.

  Notable NPCs

   Lorrigan — Retired adventurer

   Reeko — Ambitious Kobold Chef

   “Hoppy” — One-legged goblin sharpshooter

   Sherra — Intense Elven Warlord

   Calred — Honest cleric of Pelor with a talent for exorcism

   Krusk — They owe him money.


Places the PCs have visited, seen, possibly razed.


Groups of people, or things that are like people.


Things that are almost entirely unlike people.

House Rules

We do things differently around here.

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